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Arthur's Seat Edinburgh (Holyrood Park)

Arthur's Seat hike, the extinct volcano of Edinburgh

Arthurs Seat

Climb Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh's signature hill located in Holyrood Park. After hiking the 251 meter high hill you have a beautiful view of Edinburgh Scotland.

Climb Arthur's Seat - Hiking trails

Trails How long does it take to climb Arthur's Seat? The hill is part of Holyrood Park; this is the park that starts at the Palace of Holyroodhouse at the end of the Royal Mile. When you follow the trail 'main path' (red trail) the Arthur's Seat hike will take more than half an hour to the top. You can complete the total run of 3.7 kilometers in under two hours. However, you can walk multiple trails on Arthur's Peak; this article explains all the walking trails in detail, but you can also purchase this App & Audio Tour.
Bike tour An alternative way to discover the area around Arthur's Seat is with this bike tour (e-bikes possible) where an experienced guide takes you along famous sights of the city in 3 hours, but also to the area around Arthur's Seat, with highlights such as Duddingston Village with Scotland's oldest pub and Holyrood Park (more info and booking bike tour).

Amazing views from Arthur’s Seat

Arthur's Seat is the main hill, which also covers a large part of Holyrood Park in Edinburgh. Holyrood Park is very popular with nature lovers and hikers. From the top of the hill, 251 meters above sea level, enjoy stunning views of the city of Edinburgh and other places such as the charming village of Duddingston.

Hiking Arthur’s Seat

If you're up for a brisk walk, it's just under an hour's climb from Holyrood Palace to the top of Arthur's Seat. The hill used to be a volcano at the east of Edinburgh. Today this volcano is extinct. It is not entirely certain where the name of the hill comes from. Maybe it has something to do with the mythical tales of King Arthur, as there are many mountain peaks in Britain with such a name.

Arthur's Seat EdinburghArthur's Seat from central Edinburgh
Arthur's SeatView from the top of Arthur's Seat Scotland

The hike

If you want to climb the top of Arthur's Seat, be aware. There is an official path to hike, but there is sometimes a lot of ice on it, especially in the winter months, so there is a great chance of slipping. It is wiser to walk further on the grassy plain. However, the last stretch to the top also contains railings with chains for handholding. However, the 360-degree view from the top of Arthur's Seat is well worth the climb. At the top you can also see the large compass and the remains of a fort.

The surroundings

Around Arthur's Seat you can also enjoy a number of lakes, such as Dunsapie Loch and St. Margaret's Loch. Or visit the village of Duddingston, which lies on the southeast slope of Arthur's Seat Edinburgh. From Holyrood you can reach the village, but you can also climb over the Arthur's Seat. Or hop on the Railway Path, a train that departs from the Commonwealth Pool. The Innocent was the first train, departing in 1831, to carry coal and agricultural produce from Lothian to Edinburgh.


Duddingston is one of the oldest villages in the area and dates back to the twelfth century. Home to the oldest pub in Scotland, The Sheep's Heid Inn, dating back to 1360. At The Sheep's Heid Inn you can also play a game at the oldest wooden bowling alley. For people who can't get enough of Scottish nature, there is the Dr. Neil's Garden, a formerly private garden of Dr. Neil and his wife next to Duddingston Church. From 1965, Neil and Nancy transformed the former wasteland into a beautiful and rustic garden.

Where is Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Arthurs Seat walk
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