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National Museum of Scotland

Visit the Scottish National Museum in Edinburgh

National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland, located in Edinburgh, is a diverse and free museum with diverse collections of art, science, design and Scottish culture.

Info & Tickets National Museum of Scotland

Address Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1JF
Tickets No tickets needed; admission is free
Hours Open daily from 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Website Official website

Scottish National Museum

On Chamber Street in Edinburgh is the National Museum of Scotland, regarded as one of the UK's most popular museums outside London. You can see thousands of objects spread over several galleries, such as the Grand Gallery, Art, Design and Fashion Galleries, the Natural World Galleries, the Science and Technology Galleries, the Scottish History and Archeology Galleries and the World Culture Galleries. You can visit this museum for free.

The National Museum of ScotlandThe National Museum of Scotland
National museum EdinburghA Scottish museum with a varied collection

De Grand Gallery

At the start of your visit, you will start in the beautiful Grand Gallery, where you will find tall pillars and windows that create a colossal and light space. The dramatic art objects on display immediately show the visitor that varied objects are exhibited in the museum. The highlight in the Grand Gallery is the Millennium Clock, which still strikes every hour with wonderful music and cheerful lights.

De Art, Design and Fashion Galleries

In the Art, Design and Fashion Galleries you can learn more about the creativity and innovation in the textile and fashion industry. See designer clothes through the ages and learn about the fashion designers' bizarre techniques. Attention is also paid to interior designs and objects. Finally, you can enjoy Christian sculptures on the fifth floor.

The Natural World Galleries

The Natural World Galleries features hundreds of animal species. From the T-rex, which is waiting for visitors right at the entrance, to chimpanzees and marine animals. The Natural World Galleries focuses on animal species from around the world, focusing on behavior and interaction with nature.

The National Museum EdinburghThe Science and Technology Galleries
National museum ScotlandThe Natural World Galleries

The Science and Technology Galleries

The Science and Technology Galleries focus on technological developments in Scotland and the rest of the world. Science comes to life on the first floor with all kinds of interactive elements in the exhibition. For example, you can create your own glowing pig. Furthermore, the themes of engineering, communication, energy and research are also covered in these galleries.

The Scottish History and Archaeology Galleries

The Scottish History and Archeology Galleries focus on the history of Scotland in many aspects. Learn about Scottish history, different cultures and Scottish pop culture within these galleries. Also discover the Scottish fauna and flora.

World Culture Galleries

Discover other cultures in the World Culture Galleries. Travel the world by touring these galleries and learn more about how people interact with objects throughout life at the Edinburgh museum, see objects from various cultures and visit the cultures of Southeast Asia, Egypt and the Pacific islanders.

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Where is the Museum of Scotland?

National Museum of Scotland
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